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Spring Break Sale
jleeevinnnOwner posted 1 week 3 days ago.
The spring break sale is here, it may not be spring break for you; but it is for me! So enjoy!

The sale is not a coupon, you AUTOMATICALLY get 15% off on every package throughout our store, this includes Invasion classes as well!

Speaking of invasion, map rotation was fixed today!

Have a great day!

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The New Rule: Scamming
jleeevinnnOwner posted 1 week 3 days ago.
Please note that this is an informational thread only. This is not for reporting scammers. To report a scammer please submit a Ban Report under the "Other" navigational menu at the top of the page.

So what's scamming?
Scamming is a fraudulent trade. One player of the trade lies to the other to get their items and not give their side of the trade. A scam is only possible if one trader is deceived or puts trust into the other.
Example: You are buying vote points for 5k ea. A random player says he has 30 vote points and will sell them to you for 150k total. He/she tells you to send the money first before he/she sends the vote points. So you send them 150k, they then either log out or ignore you. Never giving you the vote points.

The new rule
Previously, scamming used to be un-punishable (not against the rules). However, recently we have decided to change that. From now on any scam that fits below is now against the server rules and can get you banned for up to 3 days on first offense.

What's considered scamming?
There are tons of ways you can get scammed. Basically EVERY WAY is illegal EXCEPT:
- TPA Scamming (Sending a TP request saying free stuff (for example) and then killing them.

Okay so, the easiest way to ensure you'll receive compensation in the common case of being scammed is to record every non-secure transaction you have. Basically everything outside of the auction system is not secure, anything you have to put your trust into to get your half of the deal is not secure. If you manage to record the entire transaction with clear footage of it, you will receive compensation, and the other player will receive a hefty punishment. So it's in your best interest to break out that screen recorder.
If you guys think there is anything else to be added, just reply to this thread.
DO NOT report scammers here.
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Changelog [4/2/14]
jleeevinnnOwner posted 2 weeks ago.
This is the change log, I changed a BUNCH of stuff today (4/2/14). You can view all the changes I've made since the last update log which was just about a month ago.

- Teamspeak 3 server released (ts.mc-lof.com)
- Top donator now displayed on front page of our donation page. (http://mc-lof.com/donate)
- Invasion's Sniper class damage nerf
- Faction's combat timer increased from 8 seconds to 12 seconds.
- Couple of minor tweaks to messages and generalities within invasion.
- Zephyr is back to his original giant zombie mob type.
- Invasion's Medic class amount of health potions nerfed.
- Removed /hat from Silver and above VIP Ranks due to abuse
- New minigame server has begun development, "Slaughter"! Already has 1 complete Capture the Flag map (CTF) and 5 classes made with guns from the Faction's server
- All combat mcMMO skills have been capped at 750. (Archery, swords, unarmed, axes)
- Unarmed chance to unarm someone changed from 8% - 13%
- Unarmed buffed
- If you're level 750 unarmed (maximum unarmed) you can now still be unarmed (95% iron grip) no more 100% iron grip.
- Loot is now protected for 15 seconds after you kill an entity
- Axes mcMMO has been buffed
- You can no longer /tpa while standing in: water, lava, or cacti
- You can no longer "glitch" ontop of the nether. (If you previously had a base there, please contact an admin to get temporary permission to move.)
- Dismount glitches are no longer possible (horse, minecart, etc to get into bases)
- Several new rules have been added to /rules (Glitching into bases is now perma-bannable)
- You can now type /wilderness to teleport to random coordinates within 3000 blocks (-3000 as well), You can not do this in combat!
- 300 second cooldown added to /fix and /wilderness

Everyone who had combat a mcMMO skill above level 750 was reset to 750. If you donated for mcMMO levels please contact an admin to receive your mcmmo credits!

Obsidian now has a durability of 40 tnt blasts. Each tnt has a blast radius of 2 blocks, each tnt counts for one durability. Durability regenerates overtime. Creepers do not do any damage to obsidian, only tnt and tnt cannons.

You can punch any obsidian block with a potato in your hand to view its durability!

Water can still be used like vanilla to protect obsidian from blasts.
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A New Community
jleeevinnnOwner posted 2 weeks ago.
Today, I am announcing a new community built for LOF, a place where you can choose your own songs to DJ to other players of LOF. This awesome community is based on the plug.dj web interface. You can simply sign up and start playing the music you love, gain likes or dislikes and possibly even become the #1 DJ!

You can import your favorites as well as any song on soundcloud and youtube!

I'll be in the room basically anytime I'm on the computer listening to music, so feel free to join me and everyone else! Simply just click here to register an account and join our room.

WARNING: Explicit songs may be played! Make sure your parents are okay with that!

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