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LOF Network

by benl121212 at 4:29 PM
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Yes... it is true. The server is being shut down. I, as well as most of our community, are extremely upset to see this great server go.

Many reasons caused this shut down. 1.8 did not help. It only made players want to play on 1.8 rather then playing factions. And for a very long time, the amount of donations have been decreasing. The server cost a lot more then we were making to be able to support it. And in NO way was this Jleeevinnn's fault. He used his own money to make this server what it was, with an upwards of 130 people on and active at one point. Jleeevinnn was the best owner we could have ever had and I would personally like to thank him. You made a great server and I, along with many others, are very sad to see it go.

So, congratulations to LOF for lasting over 3 years and I thank you for spending time and effort on this server.

The server should be closed sometime in the next week.

Thank you to all of our loyal members and I truly appreciate how much time you have...
by jleeevinnn at 6:41 PM
(252 Views / 1 Likes)
Thank you to everyone who has helped out the server and voted. Please try to vote everyday this month as the server greatly needs every single vote! You will be directly supporting the server and it's traffic that it receives by voting each and every day.

Vote here

Top Voters of August -

The leaderboards have been reset, let the race begin.
by Ryan_Nez at 12:30 AM
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Hello everyone, as you may be aware we used to have a Plug.Dj room that used to be quite popular. Plug.DJ have just released their latest build of their site requiring everyone to make a new account or transfer their old account. This seems like a great time for us to start using it again as another way for players to interact with each other. So get yourself over to https://plug.dj/lof and express play your best playlist for others to listen to.​
by jleeevinnn at 8:58 PM
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As of 8:56 PM on August 24th pacific standard time, all donator kits previously disabled are now enabled to those who have purchased them.

Please note, guns are still not fixed or enabled, this means that any donator kits such as Duckhunter that ONLY have guns and ammo in them have been completely removed. Any kits that had guns/ammo/etc in them are removed, but the vanilla items such as armor and swords are still there.

Also, several kits that included golden apples and or enchanted golden apples and other valuable items were nerfed to accomodate the very different economy LOF now has.
  • Stablemaster 32 golden apples to 8 golden apples
  • Tank 5 enchanted golden apples to 4 enchanted golden apples
  • God 16 enchanted golden apples to 8 enchanted golden...
by jleeevinnn at 11:23 PM
(322 Views / 1 Likes)
11 days after the reset and the richest player on the server is matt91rd with a rough $360,000. I have decided to release the in-game money ranks, which are now available for purchase at /ranks. All of the ranks have been released, please be warned, the ranking system has changed! You can now only have access to one of the kits at a time, as well as having to upgrade from each rank to the next, you will be unable to skip, as the prices go by accumulation, meaning after finally ranking up to Spartan, you will have spent a total of $1,000,000.

I have also fixed a pesky little bug, causing our Vote Exchange shop to bug out and not allow people to purchase its items, causing a message to be broadcasted to the entire server! It's all fixed and you can now spend your vote points!

Also, please do not ask/beg when the donator kits will be introduced into the server, be patient, and most importantly have fun without them while the time lasts.
by 13randonjames at 11:53 PM
(375 Views / 6 Likes)
The Faction Server reset is completed and the server is open for you to join!

The new map features a new compact spawn, a reworked economy, smaller world borders, and a completely fresh start. The sooner you get back on the server, the sooner you can start to re-establish yourself as a power! Make sure to check out the community wiki topic about the new market for some money-making tips.

If you have any suggestions for the server, or find an issue on the new map, please remember that we do have a Suggestion Forum which you can get to by clicking Here.

Again we'd like to thank all of our players for being a part of the LOF Network community. You, the players, help so much to make the server what is it. Some players did not want the reset and have mentioned leaving the server. Please understand that the reset isn't to hurt you, but to help better the experience that the server offers. As for leaving the server, going somewhere else...
by 13randonjames at 10:26 PM
(1,012 Views / 4 Likes)
It's been a long time coming, after numerous rumors between players and wondering when it will happen, but I am happy to announce a reset of the LOF Network Factions server! The reset will occur towards the end of this week! Though the specific time is unknown, you can expect the factions server to be reset by noon (12 pm Pacific) on Saturday, August 16th.

While some players might not be looking forward to this map reset, many are and have been waiting for it. Every factions map resets at some point. The current factions map has been running for nearly 10 months now and has been in need of a reset. The map is large and warn out in many areas, people are established and getting bored. We hope to attract old and new players to the LOF Network with this reset, providing a fresh start and leveling the playing field for all players.

We'd like to thank all of our players for being a part of the LOF Network community. You, the players, help so much to make the server what is it. I...
by jleeevinnn at 5:58 PM
(561 Views / 1 Likes)
This thread is to clarify the scamming rule and enforcement on the server as there are many scenarios in which someone can get scammed. I will list all the scenarios that I can think of, let me know if I've missed some.

Scenarios highlighted in green means that you are protected by the server, meaning if someone scams you, you will receive reimbursement and the scammer will be punished (banned). Scenarios highlighted in red are not protected and you will not receive reimbursement.

1. Item for Item and Item for Money trades.

2. TPA (teleport) for item,money,base(raid),etc

3. Money for Rank or donation gift (donating in another player's name in return for money, items, etc)

4. Traps such as piston trap floors in which you fall to your death or are stuck and killed inside of.

5. Give-backs, no TPing other people, limit to certain items used (no guns, no potions, whatever), etc.

6. Selling...
by jleeevinnn at 8:37 PM
(280 Views / 0 Likes)
Starting today, all ranks and store packages are 20% off! This discount ends August 11th so be quick! This is a great time to donate and support the server. We are going to use these funds to directly pay for upcoming costs to upcoming releases and other server bills and payments. By donating you will be keeping the server alive and thriving. Remember, this sale is very short and will only be in effect for the next 5 days. Also, no coupon code is required!
by jleeevinnn at 11:11 PM
(474 Views / 1 Likes)
Despite bugs and glitches with our vote leaderboard system, we are going to still be awarding the top voters that made it into the top 3 spots. I'd like to thank everyone for voting and participating in the new forums! The network will be experiencing some majorly anticipated changes and fixes. Please stay tuned and keep in mind that these things take time to carefully plan out. Things have also been delayed due to the fact that I have been living my life a bit this Summer. This does not mean I'm giving up and I will eventually get things done. Anyways, back to the top voters of the month.


#1: $40 store credit
#2: $30 store credit
#2: $20 store credit

Since we have a 1st place tie both will receive $40 store credit

Once again, I'd like to thank everyone that votes for our server and remember that you can win these prizes for the month of August!​