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LOF Network

by 13randonjames at 7:45 PM
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A new poll has been created and I want to make sure that all members are aware of it so that they can vote and share their opinions related to the poll.

The topic of the poll is whether or not hard-earned mcMMO levels should be reset when the Factions server is reset (still unknown when/if this will occur).

Resetting mcMMO stats would make sure that the playing field is completely leveled, giving new players and old players a fair chance to fight for power without having any extra advantage.

You can find the new poll by clicking Here.
by jleeevinnn at 12:27 AM
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As you may know, we have a new website, and our old has reset. Everyone will have to re-register, but this time you don't have to use /register in-game. You can click Login/Signup at the top and just make sure your username is a valid, paid minecraft account. The only draw back is that we will no longer have a statistics page. However, they could possibly come in the future. The good part about our new website and forum is that we have moved onto a much cleaner and more feature-rich software (despite no statistics for now).

All users will have to re-register to be able to post and participate in this new community!
I look forward to everyone's active-ness in the new website and forum.

One of the many features that are new is user-titles based on points. Points can be aquired by receiving likes, posting threads, milestone post markers, etc. Below are the current user-titles and the points that are required to unlock them. They will automatically appear underneath your name....​
by 13randonjames at 3:40 PM
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I'm making this post to address the recent glitch that happened. Please do not make forum posts about this glitch. Instead, feel free to comment on this post.

As most of you know, there was a bug that happened a couple nights ago after the regular server restart. The bug was mainly that the WorldGuard plugin did not load. This caused normally server-protected/flagged areas to have their normal protections removed. Because of this, people were able to PvP in what would have normally been non-PvP areas as well as access areas and destroy blocks that they normally would not have been able to.

We apologize to any players who were negatively affected by players who were exploiting the glitch caused by the plugin not loading. Unfortunately, we cannot give refunds of any items lost from individual inventories due to death and such.

The players who had exploited this glitch and griefed the DonatorZone in a significant way (either using TNT or stealing blocks/items of significant value)...
by jleeevinnn at 3:39 PM
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The Jobs system has been released! Player can now participate in certain actions to gain money and job levels. The higher your job level, the more money you make from that job. All the key features and commands of the new Jobs system will be posted below.
  • The /jobs playerinfo command can show you how much money you are making per action per block, type /jobs playerinfo <username> <job> shows every action that a job pays for.
  • All jobs gain experience and money when you kill another player. (/jobs playerinfo <username> <job> kill) shows how much each job gives you for killing a player.
  • The higher level job, the higher level income you will make (Check income with /jobs playerinfo <username> <job>, you can also check other player's incomes with this command)
  • There are several different jobs:
  1. Woodcutter
  2. Miner
  3. Builder
  4. Digger
  5. Farmer
  6. Hunter
  7. Fisherman
  8. Weaponsmith
  9. Brewer
  10. Enchanter
  • ...
by jleeevinnn at 8:49 PM
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Lots of neat stuff in here, let me know your opinions :) This has been the past month or so of changes on the LOF Network.

---+ PvP Arcade +---

- Support class invisibility potions removed
- /join added
- Texture pack download link added to announcements
- Direct connect IP: pa.mc-lof.com added
- /leave added
- Heavy class is now donators only.
- Riot Shield in Heavy class has been buffed, (stronger riot shield)
*http://mc-lof.com/donate make over
* http://donate.mc-lof.com changed to http://store.mc-lof.com

---+ Factions +---
- Removed /pvpbox
- Added /pvpmaze
- Heavy duty is now ONLY a kit, not a VIP rank (Does not inherit platinum benefits)
- Heavy Duty can be found under Kits, it has also been reduced from $60 to $45.
- LOFGod and LOFTitan /enderchest removed (was never part of the rank in the first place)
- http://donate.mc-lof.com changed to http://store.mc-lof.com
- Anti-caps filter...​